Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Room with furniture and wet floor

Serious Sewage Backup in Brooklyn

SERVPRO technicians arrived at this Brooklyn home to handle the water damage from a sewage backup. As the photo shows there was a coating of hazardous water throughout the room affecting both the structure and contents.

SERVPRO drying equipment in an attic with missing floorboards

Brooklyn Heights Water Damage Drying in Process

This photo gives you a glimpse of the water damage cleanup process in a Brooklyn Heights property. Strong storms damaged the room, and water entered, deteriorating the floorboards, which required removal for extraction and drying. 

Bathroom with black and white tile floor and damaged ceiling

Brooklyn Storm Damage Ruins Ceiling

SERVPRO techs got the call to come to this Brooklyn home with storm damage in the bathroom. Water entered through a damaged roof and caused the ceiling to deteriorate and fall in. Fortunately, no seepage occurred under the ceramic tile. Techs tarped the roof.

Ceiling Damage after a Storm

This home suffered from storm damage on the ceiling and floors.  SERVPRO responded immediately and began clean up procedures.  They replaced the drywall on the ceiling restoring their home back to normal conditions. 

Flood Cuts in Home

SERVPRO can respond to any type of restoration emergency from storm, water, mold or fire. This home suffered from significant amounts of water which affected the drywall.  They did flood cuts to remove the drywall and get the insulation out for quick drying and prevent mold from growing. 

Drying home after Storm Damage

This home suffered from water damage after a storm.  The team at SERVPRO responded and immediately began clean up.  They used special equipment shown to get the moisture out of the air with dehumidifiers and air movers to dry floors quickly. 

Flood Cuts after Storm Damage

After your home has been flooded, during the restoration process you will see cuts on the wall like pictured.  They are called flood cuts, they cut the drywall and remove insulation to allow for drying and repairing necessary repairs. 

Basement Flood in Brooklyn

SERVPRO responded to this basement flood in Brooklyn. When drying moisture from storm damage, we use special drying equipment to help the moisture evaporate quickly using a dehumidifier and prevent future damages.

Tile Floor Drying in Brooklyn

This tile floor suffered from significant amounts of water on the floor after a flood.  The team at SERVPRO immediately used professional equipment to dry the area.  The flood cuts ensured the entire area was dry and ready for reconstruction. 

Flooded Basement in New York

This basement flooded after a storm in New York.  The contents in the basement had significant water damage.  SERVPRO responded immediately and began clean up efforts to restore contents and dry the area.