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What is the Fastest Way to Remove Water from My Brooklyn Office?

5/13/2020 (Permalink)

inside view of office space. Several workstations with desks and chairs SERVPRO is always on call to remediate your water loss event.

With a fast response, our SERVPRO professionals can extract and dry damaged office buildings quickly. 

Water losses can occur from hundreds of different points in your office building, from a leaking fixture in the bathroom near the main floor of the office to a ruptured water heater in a utility closet beside the breakroom. Addressing any of these situations requires a fast and confident response like you can expect from our SERVPRO professionals when disasters strike. It is critical for your business to overcome standing water and dampness concerns immediately to limit or eliminate time with your doors closed to your Brooklyn clients and customers. 

Beyond your employees, the most substantial investment that your business makes is the equipment and furniture of the structure, which makes water removal for Brooklyn buildings an essential mitigation service. The first steps that you take in these situations can determine the challenge of later restoration and recovery. 

What Should I Do When I Notice a Water Loss?  

Water losses might not be entirely avoidable, so you need to know what to do when you notice that a problem has occurred and continues to threaten the building. This immediate action can help better to protect some of the building's potentially compromised areas and can reduce irreparable damage to essential contents and equipment. Some of the initial steps that you can take in the earliest stages of water loss include: 

  • Move Important Documentation – One of the most critical steps that your staff can take when water loss first begins is to gather sensitive documentation and records and move them to a safe location. Migrating water can be a destructive force for these hard copies. 
  • Notify Our Restoration Professionals – Getting restoration professionals like our SERVPRO team moving on your disaster is also an essential initial step to take. We have staffed emergency lines running 24/7, so you can talk to a real person about the situation and pass helpful information along to our mobilizing technicians.  
  • Stay Out of the Damaged Space – Once water losses have spread into the main areas of the building, it is wise to keep yourself and your staff out of these areas altogether. Not only does excessive foot traffic make restoration more challenging, but with worsening water damage, these individuals could face potential health hazards like shock or slips.  

Are There Ways to Dry Damaged Documents and Records?  

Our professionals understand that hard copies of client records and sensitive information cannot get easily replaced once it becomes water damaged. Not only is this a challenge to replace, but customers get the impression that you are not as careful with their information as you should be. We have freeze-drying capabilities that can help when documents experience water damage. We can offer this drying on-site to ensure that you always have access and oversight of your client's information. 

What Extraction Tools Work Best for Offices?  

Extraction is one of the essential elements of water restoration in Brooklyn when standing water becomes a threat. Surface pooling can happen quickly, mainly when plumbing breaches or appliance malfunctions occur. Several extraction devices can help prepare the area for efficient drying techniques to come from the tiled floors of your breakroom to the short pile carpeting in the office spaces. These include: 

  • Carpet Wands
  • Wet Vacuums
  • Submersible Pumps 

Can Water Losses Get Prevented Moving Forward?  

It might be challenging to know how water losses occurred in every situation. In some cases, you have a pipe that can burst from exposure to a cold snap temperature drop or that succumbs to the scaling and buildup that can often happen in older ductile iron, copper, or lead pipes. Preventing losses moving forward involves taking an active stance on addressing current conditions with efforts like: 

  • Risk Assessment – You cannot know the full extent of the trouble that you face without assessing the situation thoroughly. Risk assessment is much like job scoping in that you get a look at other potential problem areas that might also lead to water losses in the future. 
  • Reconstruction - There are many situations where replacing materials and plumbing systems might be the most effective way to prevent possible recurrences. 
  • Repairs – In many situations, replacing portions of plumbing or repairing fixtures from the bathrooms or breakrooms can eliminate leaks and improve the aesthetic appeal of these areas simultaneously. With a team of licensed in-house contractors, we can perform these repairs and reconstruction needs following the mitigation steps. 

When your office suffers a water loss incident, you need a fast and reliable response from professionals that know what to do. You can depend on our SERVPRO of Northwest Brooklyn team to help however you need. Contact us today at (718) 522-4400.

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